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SILENCIO EN LA TIERRA DE LOS SUEÑOS   - feature film (2013)

Since becoming a widow Mother lives alone in the old house where she brought up her children. She is 84 years old and is going deaf, something that further isolates her from the outside world. Mother is methodical when it comes to order and cleanliness and she occupies her time by meticulously caring for her house and by praying, she is devoted to the Virgin. There are constant power cuts in the village where Mother lives and she has had to adapt her daily routine to this.
In the afternoons, after knitting and watching soap operas, Mother takes a nap and dreams: Her dreams are her escape from her routine and solitude. She dreams of a house that isn’t hers, one that is peaceful and faces out onto the sea.

One morning a solitary street dog who she names Silence comes to her window. Mother feeds the dog which sparks a relationship based on mutual companionship. One day the dog who appears when there are power cuts and disappears when the light returns crosses the threshold that separates reality and a dream world. From then on Mother and Silence live together in a seafront house.
However, Silence is a free dog without an owner and very soon feels the call of the street. He leaves Mother and disappears from her dreams. Upon waking up Mother looks for the dog, but in vain. It is only in faith and in silence that Mother can find the strength needed to carry on living.

"Silencio en la tierra de los sueños" is the debut feature of Ecuadorian director Tito Molina, who already directed several award winning shorts.
The project was supported by the Ecuadorian national film fund CNC and the Film- und Medienstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Torino IFF / Italy, 2013
Guadalajara IFF / Mexico, 2014, *winner Special Jury Mention
BAFICI / Argentina, 2014
Filmfest Hamburg / Germany, 2014
*Ecuadorian entry for 'Best Foreign Language Film' at the 87th Oscars / USA, 2015.

Director: Tito Molina
Production: La Facultad (Ecuador) in coproduction with Weydemann Bros.