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Paul has made his way from his home in Cameroon across the Sahara to the Moroccan coast where he now lives in a forest waiting for the right moment to cross the Mediterranean. This is where he meets Jakob, a filmmaker from Berlin, who is filming along Europe's borders. Soon afterwards, Paul manages to cross over to Spain on a rubber boat. He survives - but half of his companions die on this tragic 50 hour odyssey. Held for two months in a deportation centre, upon his release Paul meets Jakob again at a shelter for migrants in Southern Spain. When Paul decides to continue on to Germany, Jakob has to make a choice: will he become an active part of Paul's pursuit of a better life or remain a detached documentary filmmaker? 


The project is the new film of award winning German documentary director Jakob Preuss (“The other Chelsea – A story from Donetsk”).
It premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam and Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken

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The project is
- winner of the 2011 Gerd Ruge Grant by the 'Film und Medien Stiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen'.
- winner of the Best Pitch at
the Netherlands Production Platform 2012
- winner of the
Haghefilm International Prize at the Netherlands Production Platform Work-in-Progress 2013

Max Ophüls Preis 2017 - Weltpremiere "Dokumentarfilmwettbewerb"
Internationales Filmfest Rotterdamm 2017 - Internationale Premiere "Bright Future" 3. Platz Publikumspreis
Bergamo Film Meeting, Italien - Gewinner "Bester Dokumentarfilm"
Kirchliches Filmfestival Recklinghausen, Deutschland
DocuDays UA Int. Human Rights FF, Ukraine

Written & directed by: Jakob Preuss

Cinematography: Juan Sarmiento G.

Editing: Franziska von Berlepsch, Karoline Vielemeyer

Produced by: Jakob D. Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann

Commissioning editors ZDF: Diana Kraus, Milena Seyberth


Length: 97 Min.
Country of production: Germany
Year of production: 2017

Languages: German, French, Spanish 

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