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tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png
Director/Writer: Damian John Harper
Feature film

(in post production)

A young man is confronted with the most savage decision of his life. Can he murder his abusive grandfather in order to save his family?


tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png PRÉLUDE
Director/Writer: Sabrina Sarabi
Feature film
in coproduction with about film
(in post production)

The story of young piano student David, who rushes into the world of music and his first true love. But with growing pressure he soon looses control over his life.

tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png MANY HAPPY RETURNS
Director/Writer: Carlos Morelli
Feature film

(in production)

Matthias and Anna are separated. On this sixth birthday of their son Lukas they organize a party a party together which quickly turns into chaos.

tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png SYSTEM CRASHER
Director/Writer: Nora Fingscheidt
Feature film
in coproduction with kineo Filmproduktion and Oma Inge Film

(in production)

What would your childhood have been like if the only constant thing was change? „System Crasher“ takes us on the wild and energetic journey of 9-year-old girl Benni through all possible stations of German Child Proctective Services.
tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png IRON STREAM
Director/Writer: Kamar Ahmad Simon
Feature film 
in coproduction with Beginning Film and Good Fortune Films 
(in preproduction)

Escaping a struggling career, a lonely musician returns to his birthplace after 17 years with his mother's ashes! His old school buddy, a rebellious journalist fleeing charges of conspiracy against state, joins his quest searching a forgotten river and a grandfather he never met.