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tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png FRESH
Director/Writer: Damian John Harper
based on the novel Fresh by Mark McNay
Feature Film

The clock is ticking for Sean. Today, his psychotic brother has been granted an early release from prison. By tonight, he will come to collect the money Sean is holding. The problem...all the money `s been spent.

tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png SCHOKO
Director/Writer: Sarah Blaßkiewitz
Feature Film
tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png
Director/Writer: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu
Feature film

The story tells one year in the life of a family in the Republic of Moldova during the transition times from the Soviet Union to modern capitalism. 
tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png CHILDREN OF THE ICE
Director: Stefano Lodovichi
Writer: Isabella Aguilar, Stefano Lodovichi, Davide Orsini
Feature film
in coproduction with Mood Film

In 2020, the earth is covered in snow and a new Ice Age starts. In 2035 all forms of technology and communication have been lost, as have most of Earth's inhabitants. Life has regressed to a primordial stage.
In this world four orphanet teenagers leave the vally where they have grown up and start a journey in search of the promised land, the world they have never seen, our world.