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Stand up to protest  - documentary

We can change the world, without weapons, with non-violent resistance! This is what Srdja Popović from Serbia and Zaheena Rasheed from the Maldives believe in. They are experienced in protest movements and they know: you can learn non-violent resistance!

Srdja Popović teaches activists in countries like Burma, Iran or Egypt, how to bring down a dictator - with marketing strategies, social media and humor. Zaheena Rasheed from the Maldevise shows, how these methods are working around the globe. She has been trained in non-violent resistance as well. Since then she fights with peacful protests against repression in her home country.


With Srdja and Zaheena we learn, how political protest becomes successful. We follow the path of globally connected activists and watch, how they learn from each other.

The film has been produced for the German TV channel WDR, for the program 'Planet School' and 'day7'.


Director: Franziska Hessberger

Camera: Jean Schablin

Sound: Zora Butzke

Editing & Compositing: Oliver Karsitz

Animation: Jost Althoff

Producer: Jakob D. Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann